Planning for Prosperity Strategy Summary

The official WOWC Workforce Strategy Brochure.

Planning for Prosperity Full Workforce Strategy

The complete Workforce Strategy including all recommended strategic actions.

Findings and Issues Report

Includes a regional economic and demographic analysis, stakeholder engagement, and key strategic considerations.

Findings and Issues Appendix

Includes detailed demographic and economic profiles.

Occupations and Housing Affordability

A review of housing demand by occupation at the regional and County level.

Background Discussion Report

A review of background documents and regional workforce strategy case studies.


Data Centre

The complete regional and County economic, demographic and housing data to inform your workforce development efforts.

Housing Policy and Resources

A detailed review housing’s relationship to workforce development, regional and County housing data and attainable housing best practices.

Self Assessment Tool

A checklist to help communities determine their capacity to attract and retain newcomers and immigrants.

Detailed Research and Analysis

Key Findings from the strategy research, consultation and analysis that informed the development of the Workforce Strategy.