The WOWC Workforce Strategy

The WOWC Workforce Strategy was created in 2021 in collaboration with the 15 single and upper tier municipalities that constitute the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus.

Newcomer and Immigrant Readiness Self-Assessment

Is your community ready to welcome newcomers and immigrants? Completing the newcomer readiness self-assessment tool is your first step in developing a resident attraction strategy.

Data Centre

Take a deep dive into WOWC region and County demographic, economic and housing data.


Providing adequate, attainable housing for residents is a critical element in attracting and retaining a workforce ready for the occupations in demand today and in the future.

Best practices and case studies

Find a comprehensive inventory of best practices and case studies for resident attraction, workforce development, industry specific initiatives, regional marketing efforts to inform and inspire your workforce development efforts.

Member’s Forum

A platform to share ideas, ask questions and discuss municipal strategies for workforce development.

WOWC Workforce: Planning for Prosperity

The WOWC Workforce Strategy portal was designed to help WOWC municipalities support workforce development and the related attainable housing needs aligned with workforce needs. Together we can ensure the WOWC region can attract and retain the workers needed for a bright and prosperous tomorrow.

Much of the information in this website was developed during the preparation of the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus Workforce Development Strategy.

The WOWC has compiled community and regional data, best practices, and case studies from across the region and beyond. You’ll also find a self-assessment tool kit and forum for WOWC member discussions and sharing.

Workforce Strategy


Member Forum


Data Centre


Self Assessment Tool

This Western Ontario Workforce Strategy is an innovative regional collaboration developed to address current and future workforce demand across the WOWC region.

WOWC member municipalities are committed to working together to ensure there is sufficient workforce today and tomorrow to achieve the region’s economic potential and support key industry sectors.

Planning for Prosperity

WOWC members recognize the power of regional collaboration. Member municipalities face many of the same challenges: attracting more newcomers, educating youth about career opportunities in their own backyard and recalibrating post-secondary education to meet emerging demand. The municipalities are also working to boost the number of attainable housing units to support workforce demand. This strategy outlines the actions where regional collaboration will help WOWC member municipalities to address local workforce challenges.