About the Strategy

Planning for Prosperity

The WOWC Workforce Strategy is an innovative regional collaboration developed to address the current and future workforce demand across the WOWC region.

The objectives of the Western Ontario Workforce Strategy are:

    • To strengthen the access and quality of labour market intelligence to address the needs of businesses, create opportunities to strengthen the alignment between business needs and education programming.
    • To inform municipal business retention and succession planning activities.
    • To improve the region’s access to a skilled and talented labour pool.

This site was designed to provide WOWC members with access to the detailed analysis and consultation completed as part of the strategic planning process. It is also intended to serve as a central hub for all future resources and materials to support WOWC workforce development efforts.


WOWC members have the supports and resources required to successfully address their workforce development needs.


To provide and advocate for regional workforce development resources and supports, build workforce development capacity and foster collaboration between member municipalities and other workforce stakeholders.


Workforce Retention and Attraction

Collective efforts to attract population and workers to the region.

Leveraging Existing Population

Aligning post secondary education with industry needs, exposing youth to career opportunities and supporting individuals with barriers to employment.

Attainable Housing

Providing innovative and compelling housing options to meet the demand of local residents and those moving into the region.

Employer Recruitment and Retention

Supporting regional employers with their recruitment, retention and human resources practices.

Planning for Prosperity Strategy Summary

The official WOWC Workforce Strategy Brochure.

Planning for Prosperity Full Workforce Strategy

The complete Workforce Strategy including all recommended strategic actions.

Planning for Prosperity

WOWC members recognize the power of regional collaboration. Member municipalities face many of the same challenges: attracting more newcomers, educating youth about career opportunities in their own backyard and recalibrating post-secondary education to meet emerging demand. The municipalities are also working to boost the number of attainable housing units to support workforce demand. This strategy outlines the actions where regional collaboration will help WOWC member municipalities to address local workforce challenges.